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To go on official hiatus, please fill out the following box below and comment with it.

Character Name: Yoite, Mello (erase_to_forget)
Player Name: Bee
Hiatus Start Date: December 15
Estimated Date of Return: Around December 23rd
Reason for Hiatus: illness / travel / school / lack of internet.

Character Name: Lenalee Lee (nec_metu)
Player Name: Pensulliwen
Hiatus Start Date: 12/1/2011
Estimated Date of Return: 12/19/2011
Reason for Hiatus: Exams

Character Name: Vincent Nightray (nightraysewerat and Kinomoto Touya (monstersbigbro )
Player Name:
Hiatus Start Date: December 4th
Estimated Date of Return:December 15
Reason for Hiatus: college finals, medical testing, etc

Character Name: Tavros Nitram (2metal_legs) and Kurogane (barkingninja)
Player Name: LAnn
Hiatus Start Date: December 12th
Estimated Date of Return: January 12th?
Reason for Hiatus: Holidays, family health issues, and personal reasons.

Character Name: 4 (4_thecuriousone)
Player Name: Lady
Hiatus Start Date: December 16th
Estimated Date of Return: January 2nd
Reason for Hiatus: Leaving to spend the holiday with my parents .-. May or may not have internet.

Character Name: Gilbert Nightray (devotedraven
Player Name: Dem
Hiatus Start Date:2011-12-21
Estimated Date of Return:January 14th
Reason for Hiatus: he's getting updated and I'm having voice problems. And then I'll have exams. /)_(\
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