Kannagara (kannagara_gods) wrote,

The gods are quite displeased.

That's why you're here.

The gods have not taken you from your home, as perhaps you might first suspect. Rather, they have taken an imprint of your soul, and recreated you to live in this world.

Kannagara is a world made for you to learn many things, to achieve enlightenment as you face the task of figuring out how to walk the way of the gods, alone and with others. You will learn through forced proximity, through collective isolation, and through necessary cooperation -- but most of all, you will learn through dreams, as souls express themselves and reach out to each other through them.

As long as people don't truly understand each other, there can never be true peace. Mere men can never understand each other -- but people, bound by their common humanity, may someday achieve true understanding and enlightenment. Only through this wisdom will they find true and everlasting peace, with themselves, each other, and nature itself.

This is Kannagara, the path you must follow. Will you begin your journey?

Try not to get caught in the cross-fire, though. We hear there's a war going on between the gods.
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